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25 Serbian Spruce Trees,Picea Omorika Christmas Tree 20-30cm ,Evergreen Needles


25 Serbian Spruce 1ft / Picea Omorika Plants 20 -40 CM


These are BARE ROOTED plants which can be planted from the end of October until April and will be dispatched as soon as the weather turns cold and they become dormant.The dispatch date depends on the Autumn temperature and varies from year to year.


Picea omorika (Serbian Spruce) is a rare, local spruce, endemic to the Drina River valley in western Serbia and eastern Bosnia near Vi?egrad, with a total range of only about 60 ha, between 800–1,600 m altitude.


Growing Details:

Common Name: Serbian spruce
Genus: Picea
Species: omorika
Skill Level: Beginner
Exposure: Full sun
Hardiness: Hardy
Soil type: Well-drained/light, Acidic, Moist
Height: 2000cm
Spread: 300cm


 It is a medium-sized evergreen tree growing to 20-35 m tall, exceptionally to 40 m tall, and with a trunk diameter of up to 1 m. The shoots are buff-brown, and densely pubescent (hairy). The leaves are needle-like, 10-20 mm long, flattened in cross-section, and dark blue-green above, and blue-white below. The cones are 4-7 cm long, fusiform (spindle-shaped, broadest in the middle), dark purple (almost black) when young, maturing dark brown 5-7 months after pollination, and have stiff scales.

Cultivation and uses:

Outside of its native range, Serbian Spruce is of major importance in horticulture as an ornamental tree in large gardens, valued in northern Europe and North America for its very attractive crown form and ability to grow on a wide range of soils, including alkaline, clay, acid and sandy soil, although it prefers moist, drained loam. It is also grown to a small extent in forestry for christmas trees, timber and paper production, particularly in northern Europe, though its slow growth makes it less important than Sitka Spruce or Norway Spruce. In cultivation, it has produced hybrids with the closely related Black Spruce and also with Sitka Spruce.


For the bare root planting instructions, please click here.

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