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3 Mixed Hippeastrum 'Kolibri' / Amaryllis Red, White & Christmas Star in 10.5cm Pots


3 Mixed Hippeastrum 'Kolibri' Red, White & Christmas Star in 10.5cm Pots

Hippeastrum are popular indoor ornamental plants prized for their large brightly colored flowers. Many will bloom year after year provided they are given a dormant period in a cool, dark place for two months without water or fertilizer although some bulbs will start growing before the two-month period is up.

Growing Details

Common Name:Amaryllis White
Cultivar: 'White'
Skill Level: Beginner
Soil type:Multipurpose compost, John innes 2


Hippeastrum bulbs are popular gifts at Christmas. They are often incorrectly known as amaryllis. Hippeastrum is a genus in the family Amaryllidaceae and for many years there was confusion among botanists over the generic names Amaryllis and Hippeastrum, one result of which is that the common name "amaryllis" is mainly used for cultivars of this genus, often sold as indoor flowering bulbs particularly at Christmas. These showy, beautiful flowers will bloom every year.

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