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5 Blue Spruce Xmas Trees,Picea Pungens Glauca 20-40cm.Lovely Blue Pine Needles


Expected release date is 1st Nov 2021

5 Colorado Blue Spruce Trees 20-40cm /8 - 16 inches  Picea Pungens 'Glauca'

Bare rooted 4 years old


These are BARE ROOTED plants which can be planted from the end of October until April and will be dispatched as soon as the weather turns cold and they become dormant.The dispatch date depends on the Autumn temperature and varies from year to year.


A species of spruce native to western North America, from southeast Idaho and southwest Wyoming, south through Utah and Colorado to Arizona and New Mexico.It is most commonly found growing along streamsides in mountain valleys, where moisture levels in the soil are greater than the often low rainfall in the area would suggest.


Growing Details:

Common Name: Colorado Blue Spruce
Genus: Picea
Species: pungens
Cultivar: 'Glauca'
Skill Level: Beginner
Exposure: Full sun
Hardiness: Hardy
Soil type: Well-drained/light, Moist
Height: 25 - 30m
Spread: 30m


It is a medium-sized evergreen tree growing to 25-30 m tall, exceptionally to 46 m tall, and with a trunk diameter of up to 1.5 m. The bark is thin and scaly, flaking off in small circular plates 5-10 cm across. The crown is conic in young trees, becoming cylindric in older trees. The shoots are stout, orange-brown, usually glabrous, and with prominent pulvini. The leaves are needle-like, 15-30 mm long, stout, rhombic in cross-section, dull gray-green to bright glaucous blue (very variable from tree to tree in wild populations), with several lines of stomata; the tip is viciously sharp.

The cones are pendulous, slender cylindrical, 6-11 cm long and 2 cm broad when closed, opening to 4 cm broad. They have thin, flexible scales 20-24 mm long, with a wavy margin. They are reddish to violet, maturing pale brown 5-7 months after pollination. The seeds are black, 3-4 mm long, with a slender, 10-13 mm long pale brown wing.


For the bare root planting instructions, please click here.

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  1. Beautiful tree 5

    Posted by Unknown on 21st Dec 2020

    Good sized trees and very healthy.

  2. Colorado Blue Spruce 5

    Posted by Steve Plater on 4th Nov 2020

    Very healthy large trees (for the price) and well grown. As always Beechwood excels with quality and price.