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Citrus sinensis 'Orangin' Tree, 20-25cm Tall In a Pot, Sweet & Tasty Fruit


Citrus sinensis 'Orangin' Tree, 20-25cm Tall In a Pot, Sweet & Tasty Fruit

Citrus sinensis 'Orangin' is an evergreen small growing tree best grown outside in containers from late spring/early summer to the beginning of autumn, and then brought inside (conservatory / greenhouse) for the winter to be protected from cold and frost. ( It is not advisable to place the tree inside the house with central heating.) It can produce flowers all year round so you can have flowers and the fruit on the plant the same time. The fruit usually ripens in the winter so you can have your fresh fruit even in Britain!

Growing Details:
Common Name: Sweet Orange
Genus: Citrus
Species: sninensis
Cultivar: 'Orangin'
Skill Level: Advanced
Exposure: Full sun, Partial shade
Hardiness: Hardy H1b - 10 – 15°C
Soil type: Well-drained/light, Clay/heavy, Chalky/alkaline
Height: 1.8m
Spread: 1.8-2m
The sweet orange likes sheltered but sunny position outdoors in the summer time and should be placed in conservatory / greenhouse from the autumn until late spring time when temperatures can drop below 7°C. You can also protect the plant with the fleece during very cold and frosty winter days. The watering should be done with rain water (de-ionised), never let the plant to stand in water. You should also mist the leaves during the hot summer days - preferebly in the morning and also in the winter time. The plant does not need too much watering in the winter and the water should not be too cold. As all the citrus plants, also the Sweet Orange is very hungry and needs to be fed regularly from around the March time until October with high nitrogen can use the liquid grass feed or citrus plant food. For re-potting use the citrus compost or John-Innes No. 3


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