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Coffea Arabica / Arabian Coffee Shrub in 12cm Pot, Grow Your Own Coffee Beans!


Coffea Arabica / Arabian Coffee Shrub in 12cm Pot, Grow Your Own Coffee Beans!

Coffea Arabica is well know plant for its tasty coffe beans and ideal present for any coffe lover! This is a frost tender evergreen plant that likes a light shade and warm climates, but you can achieve the results even in UK by following the proper care instructions.

Growing Details:
Common Name: Arabian Coffee
Genus: Coffea
Species: Arabica
Exposure: Light shade
Hardiness: Hardy H1a +15°C
Soil type: Well-drained/light, Clay/heavy
Height: 1.5m
Spread: 1.5m
Care instructions:
As mentioned above, the plant is frost tender, but can be kept outdoors in pot during the summer time. It preferes light shade and humid climates so spraying the leaves early morning is the best. Even though the plant comes from sunny Ethiopia, it does not like the direct sunlight as it can burn the foliage. Therefore avoid placing the plant on windowsill or in the glasshouse but allow enough light and warmth. The plants should be brought indoors as soon as the temperatures drop to below 15-10°C. It can also be kept indoors all year long as a stunning decorative plant. The soil should be permeable and slightly acidic. You can also use the ericaceous compost mainly used for acid loving plants such as rhododendrons, azaleas and camellias. It should be well watered during the summer time and only slightly in the winter time, but make sure the soil and leaves are always moist. It does not like very dry soils. The plant is also very hungry as the most of the tropical plants so make sure you will fertilize it with some organic or liquid fertilizer once per month from March to late September. 
By following these steps you have the biggest chance for flowers and fruits to appear within next few years. The coffee fruits are ready to harvest when bright red. You need to remove the red pulp and let the light beans to dry in dry place. Oce they are perfectly dry, you can roast them for about 15-20 minutes on the very hot pan and let them rest for 3 days before grinding.


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