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Fatsia Japonica Plants / Japanese aralia 30-40cm Tall In 2L Pot, Evergreen Beautiful Tropical Display


1 Fatsia Japonica plants / Japanese aralia

30-40cm Tall In 2L Pots

Fatsia japonica is a glossy leaf plant native to Japan. It is an ornamental plant often used in floristry and tolerates semi-shaded to shaded areas. Plants are very strong and can recover from damages easily.

Growing Details:

Common Name: Japanese aralia
Genus: Fatsia
Species: japonica
Skill Level: Beginner
Exposure:  Partial shade, Shade
Hardiness: Hardy H5
Soil type: Moist but Well-drained, Chalk, Clay, Sand, Loam
Height: 3-4m
Spread: 2.5-4m


Fatsia are evergreen shrubs with stout, sparsely branched stems bearing large, leathery, palmately lobed leaves and small white flowers in terminal compound umbels, followed by small black fruits. This ornamental evergreen plant will prvide an elegant look to your garden. An unusual flowers appear in autumn followed by the small black fruit. You can remove berries and it will increase the leaf size. The fatsia preferes partial shade and can be planted in any soil that is well drained. Make sure it is in sheltered position for the best growth. Some of the leaves can turn yellow during the hot summer time. You have nothing to worry about. Just remove the leaf with the stem and new leaves will appear on it shortly. You can prune it few times per year and keep it at the height you require. Although the plant is very hardy make sure you protect the ground from longer lasting frost to give it the best chance to thrive. As the UK climate is mostly mild it has the best chances to provide your garden with lovely tropical look all year round.



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  1. Beautiful plant 5

    Posted by Michelle on 11th Jun 2020

    The plant arrived and was packaged with care, in a bed of straw and was a good size, with lots of foliage and I am really happy with the service and quality.