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Laxton's Superb Apple Tree 4-5ft, Ready to Fruit, Crisp,Sweet,Crunchy & Juicy


Laxton's Superb Apple Tree - 4-5ft

Bare Root


These are BARE ROOTED plants which can be planted from the end of October until April and will be dispatched as soon as the weather turns cold and they become dormant.The dispatch date depends on the Autumn temperature and varies from year to year.

The definitive late Victorian dessert apple, firm, Cox-style but sweeter, understated but very "more-ish".


Laxton's Superb is essentially a Cox-style apple, but with an interesting twist in flavour inherited from its other parent Wyken Pippin, which had been popular since the 18th century but is now little known. The shape is much more upright than the flattened signature of Cox, and is reminiscent of Adams Pearmain. The colour is dull red flush over green - attractive in a subdued way.Vigorous, speading tree producing rather straggling branches and whippy new growth. Young trees produce regular heavy crops but older trees tend to be biennial.Medium sized, round-conical fruit. Purplish red flush and stripes over a greenish yellow skin. Some russet patches. White, crisp, juicy flesh. Sweet but with variable flavour.

Partial List of Suitable Pollinators

Annie Elizabeth
Ashmead's Kernel
Chivers Delight
Claygate Pearmain
Cornish Aromatic
Cornish Gillyflower
D'Arcy Spice
Ellison's Orange
Gala/Royal Gala
Gloster 69
Golden Delicious
Golden Noble
Herrings Pippin 
Howgate Wonder
Laxtons Superb
Lord Derby
Orleans Reinette
Tydeman's Late Orange

Laxton's Superb Apple
Apple Trees
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