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Mountain Ash (Rowan) Plant / Sorbus Aucuparia 2-3ft Tall Tree in 1L Pot, Hedge


1 Rowan / Mountain Ash - Sorbus Aucuparia 2-3ft Tall in 1L Pot


A native wild tree producing beautiful sweet smelling blossom in spring followed by red berries in autumn.These can be used to make jelly.Thrushes and other birds go mad for them.Rowan makes an excellent hedgerow or garden tree as it dosn't grow more than 6m and can have multi-stems if pruned.

Growing Details

Common Name: Mountain ash
Genus: Sorbus
Species: aucuparia
Skill Level: Beginner
Exposure: Full sun, Partial shade
Hardiness: Hardy
Soil type: Well-drained/lightClay/heavyAcidicMoistSandy
Height: 12m+
Spread: 7m


The mountain ash or rowan is a native European tree, especially in high altitudes where its robust hardiness ensures its survival. Once credited with magical powers and often planted near dwellings as an insurance against misfortune, it is widely planted in gardens, both as the species and in its many varieties. The trees tolerate a wide range of soils and sites, regularly producing huge crops of bright red berries in dense pendent bunches, which attract birds of all kinds. It succeeds particularly well in town gardens, and also when planted closely as a screen or informal large hedge.

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  1. Impressive Service 5

    Posted by Sarah Breen on 12th Jun 2020

    I ordered a Rowan Tree for our garden and was worried about it surviving it’s journey from Ireland. I need not have worried as the tree arrived in prime condition having been beautifully packed in straw and secured firmly within the box with twine. It was also was prevented from drying out with the root pot wrapped in cellophane. I was very impressed.
    It has now got pride of place in our garden and is so far surviving the transition. I am delighted. Thank you very much.